Plantation shutters and blinds in bamboo and faux wood discussed

Wood Mini Blinds

Wood mini blinds are a great option for home window coverings, with both natural wooden shades and faux wood ones widely offered.

Blinds are a common option for the window coverings in a home. There are a variety of styles to choose from and these are typically available in a range of different materials. A common style is mini blinds and if you want these in a natural look then wood mini blinds can be a good option to choose.

Mini blinds have been a popular style of window covering for many years. In the early 1980’s they commanded a large percentage of blind sales and although this has reduced in the times since they still remain one of the leading varieties. They basically comprise narrow horizontal slats which are typically around 1 inch in size. These are strung together and when the blind is lowered a rotating rod can be used to open and close them as required. A side string is typically used to raise and lower the blinds providing the option of having the window fully covered, partially covered or fully open.

While mini blinds can be manufactured in a few different materials, wood mini blinds can be a good choice. Wood can provide a warmer and more natural look for a room and depending on your preference they can either be stained or painted. Stained wood blinds come in a variety of shades from lighter gold to darker brown and painted blinds can come in a range of colors. Whatever the decor of your home, therefore, finding mini blinds in wood to match with this should not be a problem.

Wood mini blinds are most commonly made from hardwood and this has the advantage of making them hardwearing and durable. They should therefore last a long time in place and this can be a good reason for choosing them.

If you like the idea of using wood mini blinds in your home there are a few places they can be found for sale. There are a large number of online retailers that stock them with a few of these including Blinds Online, Your Blinds and Blinds Wholesale. However, it is also possible to find them in-store and home improvement retailers such as Home Depot are places to look.

The cost of wood mini blinds will be dependent to a large extent on the size of the window. Smaller models can be found for around $50 with an example of this being the Graber 1 inch Wood Blinds from Blinds Wholesale which cost around $54 to purchase. These are available in a width up to 18 inches and a height up to 30 inches. They can be purchase in painted, stained or sandblasted finishes and include cords and ladders which are color coordinated. If your windows are larger then the cost of the blinds will increase with the prices for some of the bigger sizes rising into the hundreds of dollars.

The window coverings you use in your home can help to enhance the attractiveness of the rooms. For a traditional look wood mini blinds are an option to consider and these can bring a warm, natural feel to a room which makes it a more appealing place to spend time.