Plantation shutters and blinds in bamboo and faux wood discussed

Faux Plantation Shutters

Faux plantation shutters come in faux wood at a lower cost that looks like the real thing.

Using faux plantation shutters can be a fantastic method for creating a great new look with your windows, on practically any budget.  Real wooden shutters can be expensive, especially if you need to buy several, or just a few large models.  While a real hardwood may look fantastic on the wall, it sure won’t feel fantastic in your wallet when you place the order.  For this reason, faux plantation shutters can really help you dress up your windows in the way that you want, without having to incur a massive cost.  That means you can change the style of your home, no matter the budget that you have available.

The way that faux plantation shutters are created, is by using an engineered wood process to capture the weight and look of real wooden blinds.  Typically this involves using particle board, or some other type of engineered wood, and then creating a unique painted finish that replicates the look of real wood grain.  These can look fantastic, despite not being real wood, so long as you find the right type.  Making the perfect choice will mean that nobody can tell the difference, no matter how trained their eyes may be.  You’ll have great looking faux plantation shutters, for half the price they would cost you otherwise.

But before you buy faux plantation shutters, you’ll want to determine the size that will work for you. That means measuring the length and width of your windows, where the shutters will be placed.  This is essential so that you know what sizes will apply to you.  Otherwise you can end up with shutters that just don’t fit because you’ve purchase a size that’s too large or too small.  Plus, if you have an awkwardly shaped window, you may have to install multiple rows of shades, or simply have your faux plantation shutters custom designed to fit your window perfectly.

But there are also other alternatives, if faux plantation shutters just don’t really grab you, or your design tastes for your home.  You may want to consider purchasing a different material altogether, like vinyl.  Vinyl shutters are great because they are inexpensive, and give your house a variety of different color options.  This version of faux plantation shutters can come in standard white, or also darker colors to better match your décor.  This means you can find the perfect shutters for you, under any possible circumstance.

When you’re looking to buy faux plantation shutters of any kind for your home, there are a variety of options before you for shopping.  When it comes to finding some good options for any home, you may want to try browsing a local department store.  Retailers like Sears or Target can have great options for any home, no matter your preference.  But when you want the absolute best faux plantation shutters, as the lowest price, you’ll want to be shopping online.  Through sites like you can find any type of shutters you could ever want, ensuring that you find the perfect addition for your home.