Plantation shutters and blinds in bamboo and faux wood discussed

Cheap Faux Wood Blinds

Cheap faux wood blinds are a great discount option, with fake wood window coverings easy to find in 1 inch, 2, and 3 inch sizes.

Many people like the traditional look of wood in the fixtures and fittings of their home. This can include the window coverings that they use with wood blinds being an attractive option. However real wood can be one of the more expensive options for blinds and if you are looking for something more affordable then cheap faux wood blinds are a style to consider.

Faux wood typically refers to a man-made material that is produced to give the natural appearance of real wood. It is most commonly produced from a plastic material or a composite of plastic and wood particles and there can be a few advantages of using it in comparison to real wood.

One of the major reasons for using cheap faux wood blinds is obviously cost. Decent quality faux wood blinds have all the appearance of real wood such that in many cases it is hard to spot the difference. However they are cheaper to buy and this means you can bring the traditional wood look into your home at a reduced cost in comparison to real wood blinds.

Another advantage of cheap faux wood blinds is that the material copes better with hotter and humid conditions. While real wood blinds are not particularly a good option for the kitchen and bathroom areas of a home, faux wood blinds can easily be used in these and this is a simple way to bring the wood look to these areas. While warping and splitting of real wood can occur this is much less likely to happen with faux wood and this makes them a more durable option. They should therefore last longer in good condition on the windows of your home.

Cheap faux wood blinds are available for sale at a number of outlets. These days the internet can be one of the best options for finding and purchasing them and many of the specialist online blinds retailers have them in stock. An example of this is All About Blinds and Shutters and they have a variety of options for faux wood blinds. Costs for their faux blinds start around the $15 mark for smaller sizes, but obviously the size of the window will affect the cost, with the price for larger faux blinds increasing.

Other online options for cheap faux wood blinds include Pay Less Decor, Blinds Galore and Blinds Chalet, all of which have a range of faux blinds on offer. If you prefer to shop in-store there are a few options available. Target has a range of faux wood blinds available with prices for these starting around the $20 mark. Home Depot have a range of Grandwood faux wood blinds available and prices for these start at around $16.